From the recording If You Love

Cubase LE AI Elements


Fallingbrook Stairs (M. Russell)

Red sky tonight
My eye's delight
The cool sand between my toes
I was walking where we used to go
Summer nights with a radio
Moonlight on your hair, but you're no longer there
By the Fallingbrook Stairs

I can hear my silence speak
Of the beauty that I seek
My whole life it seems I've tried to sing a dream
Waving a magic wand
Conjure that for which I long
Still there's nothing there, just the moonlit air
By the Fallingbrook Stairs

Time forges a chain
Drags us into the next frame
And we leave behind what we need to find
My eyes have come to see
That all I seek is in me
It was always there, and everywhere
By the Fallingbrook Stairs