Canadian singer-songwriter out of Toronto. All music on this website is from my own catalogue of original compositions. Enjoy your visit, and I hope you find something here that speaks to you.


As you go about your day-to-day lives, take time to remember and learn something about and from Indigenous Peoples.

Orange T-Shirt Day, every September 30

I'm a retired guy who is soft-spoken, a quiet person who prefers to listen and learn. Because of that,  I express things mainly by writing, whether songs, stories, poetry or doodling. I don't claim to be brilliant at anything, but I hope you find something here that touches you, and makes some part of your inner world feel good.

Musical philosophy: I'm a fan of simplicity, and in my own music the general rule is - though of course not always - "less is more". It seems to me that music shouldn't be made complex just for the sake of complexity- and if it touches you on some level, it doesn’t matter who created it or when or where.

 I am managed by a cool cat named Louie,

who advises me on all matters of import.

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