1. Wisdom's Wine

From the recording Wisdom's Wine

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Wisdom's Wine (M Russell)

I may not be your perfect man
I can't give you a life so grand
But if you love me just the way I am
We'll be glad to be

We'll have ups and we'll have downs
Waiting for our ship to come 'round
But if we listen we'll hear the sound
Of better yet to be

Our way is gentle our way is kind
The way of compassion leaving fear behind
Follow the humble together you and I
We'll get drunk on wisdom's wine

Hand in hand we'll gaze at the sky
Beholding more than seen with eyes
Come what may, when the storms pass by
Healing love remains

Let open hearts make their confessions
Wisdom knows love asks no questions
Casts aside the world's obsessions
And sees all is one