1. The Mountain

From the recording Wisdom's Wine

Cubase LE AI Elements


The Mountain (M. Russell)

It's half-past sunset
And my shadow’s taken flight
To hide in the darkness
While I seek out the light

By which to raise the memory
Of a flower whose loss I mourn
That sang atop a mountain
My spirit it adorned

To yourself be true it chimed
Nobody likes a sham
But I chose to fool myself
And who I really am

I'm going back up the mountain
And no matter the path I take
I know when I get there
I'll be wide awake

And then I'll see forever
Past my fair and rainy days
Beyond the fear and passion
And melancholy ways

For which some have mocked me
Tried to shame me to the core
But they couldn’t still the heartbeat
That I hid in metaphor

It may be half-past sunset
But a light is breaking through
And atop the mountain
My flower blooms anew