Canadian singer-songwriter out of Toronto. All music on this website is from my own catalogue of original compositions. Enjoy your stay, and I hope you find something here that speaks to you.


As you go about your day-to-day lives, take time to remember and learn something about Indigenous Peoples.

Orange T-Shirt Day, every September 30

Orange T-Shirt Day, every September 30

Mike Russell began playing guitar in his early teens, mainly in response to the country and old-time rock music that permeated the working class neighbourhood in which he grew up. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife and Mr. Louie Whiskers, his four-legged furry consultant on artistic, existential and spiritual matters. He spends most his time creating original music, poetry, prose and visual art. 

Mike’s music may be described as soul-driven Indie and diverse, with folk, country, jazz, and soft and hard rock roots. 

Musical philosophy: I'm a fan of simplicity, and in my own music the general rule is - though of course not always - "less is more". It seems to me that music should not be made complex just for the sake of being complex - more tracks doesn't ensure a better piece of work.  And one should not limit oneself to a single genre; if it touches you on some spiritual, emotional or intellectual level, it doesn’t matter who created it or when or where.

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