Feature Track: Gnome Rescue

Download and listen to a tale of epic heroism: gnomes in distress saved from a tragic outcome...


Canadian Singer-songwriter 
Love to create, and music is for sharing 

Mike Russell was born and raised in Toronto and developed an interest in music as a boy, listening to 78 RPMs by Hank Williams Sr. He began playing guitar in his early teens, mainly in response to the country and classic rock music that permeated the working class, east end Toronto neighbourhood in which he grew up. He currently lives in Toronto and is a member of "Cornerstone", the house band at Manor Road United Church, and of "Borderline", a group consisting of Mike and some of his musical friends, working primarily on original music. 

Mike’s music may be described as soul-driven and diverse, with folk, country, jazz, and soft and hard rock roots. 

Musical philosophy: music doesn’t have to be complex to be great, and one should not limit oneself to a single genre; if it touches you on some spiritual, emotional or intellectual level, it doesn’t matter who created it or when or where.

Truth on a brick wall

Truth on a brick wall