1. Gnome Rescue

From the recording Gnome Rescue

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Gnome Rescue (2018 M Russell)

I remember sipping on a gin
The night the gnomes all got snowed in
Good gravy! What was I to do?
What else? But mount a gnome rescue?

Got on the horn dialed 911
Woke up the neighbourhood – everyone

Gnome rescue – won’t you lend a hand?
Gnome rescue – we’re doing all we can

Snow over their heads six inches deep
We could hear the chattering of tiny teeth

Gnome rescue by a winters’ moon
Gnome rescue can’t get to them too soon
Together into the night we flew
Stopping at a pub or two
Through the air, so clear and cold and crisp
We saw red hats poking through the drifts

With trowels and thimbles hands and spoons
We freed them up from the frosty dunes

Gnome rescue –safe and sound at home
Gnome rescue – I’m now one of their own